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Scott Milner, PharmD, MBA

Senior Consultant

Scott Milner has a diverse background in health system pharmacy operations, including roles in alternate and home infusion divisions. He has demonstrated leadership in various business development projects, such as the creation of a pharmacy benefit management (PBM) system, specialty pharmacy services, and pharmacist-managed clinics. Additionally, he has been instrumental in expanding infusion services and refining inventory management projects.

Scott's contributions extend to the oversight of 340B programs, where he has played a crucial role in ensuring compliance and successful HRSA audits since 2013. His expertise in this area has enabled health systems to maximize the benefits of the 340B program while maintaining rigorous adherence to regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, Scott has been pivotal in the development of electronic compliance tracking tools aimed at ensuring real-time adherence to regulatory standards. His direct oversight of hospital operations spans across Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), Sole Community Hospitals (SCH), and Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH). This breadth of experience allows him to grasp the complexities faced by different types of hospitals and assists them in standardizing operations despite varying staffing challenges.

Scott Milner, PharmD, MBA
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