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Medical Prescription


Individualized Pharmacy and Healthcare Solutions

Pharmacy Strategy | 340B Compliance &Optimization | Pharmacotherapy Clinic | Technical Project Management| Contract Negotiation 

Misty Woodland


Custom Solutions With The Attention You Deserve

We custom tailor solutions to your unique needs, transforming healthcare and pharmacy problems into revenue generating strategic assets.  By delivering a combination of business and clinical expertise, we bring healthcare strategy to life in a way that leverages and enhances your existing strengths while developing new ones.

Every engagement is customized to your business.

Your needs.

Your community.

Your patients.  

Unlike the big-name consulting firms, we don't take a cookie-cutter approach or assign zero-experience new grads. Every client gets personal attention and the right resources assigned.  Founded with the belief that no problem is too small, too unique, too simple, or too complex, we tackle challenges the big guys don't want and don't understand.

Our core competencies include:

  -Contract negotiation

  -340B compliance and optimization

  -Drug Cost strategy

  -Drug shortage management

  -Labor optimization

  -Infusion services

  -Retail, LTC, Acute Care, and Specialty Pharmacy

  -Pro-forma business analysis

  -Pharmacist clinical services

  -Long Term Care pharmacy contracting 

  -Vendor negotiation and implementation



Customized.  Insightful.  Practical.

Working with clients to provide exceptional consulting services that are catered specifically to their needs, no problem is too unique. Take a look below and get in touch to achieve immediate results. 


Don't see what you're looking for?  Ask us!  We have the expertise to meet a wide variety of unique challenges.

Organizing Medicine

For qualifying covered entities, there is simply no more important strategy in controlling  drug cost.  The program is complex, and even sophisticated organizations can struggle to understand the value they have, let alone the discounts they may be missing.  We can help with compliance, optimization, and measurables.

Doctor and Patient

Med Management, Pharmacotherapy or MTM...whatever you call it, we can help.  Referral-based clinical pharmacists can be incredibly effective at managing chronic diseases, specialty medications, and other conditions with a high drug burden.  Working in partnership with physicians under a collaborative practice agreement offers high clinical value, and creates additional 340B opportunities too.  We are experts in opportunity analysis and implementation.

Signing Contract


Make sure you're getting the best deal without putting the rest of your responsibilities on hold to do it.  With years of experience negotiating with healthcare vendors including drug wholesalers, contract pharmacies, software vendors, delivery services and more, we can give you peace of mind that all options have been evaluated.

Wall of ideas


Teams not hitting goal?  Not sure what the goals should be?  We use your data and lean thinking to engage the team, eliminate waste, and create steady flow.   This makes the work easier, improves throughput, and ensures quality.  Contact us to learn how you can get better results with less wasted effort.  

A nurse with IV drip and patient in bed in hospital room..jpg


Infusion is complex, and the drugs are costly.  Site of care denials are shifting the market landscape and causing health systems to lose 340B value.  Getting this right is critical to your organizational success.  We can help scope the value, ensure your drug costs are optimized, and make sure it works within your overall goals.



New construction or remodel, the right design is critical. It’s about more than just desks, shelves and countertops.  Good design compliments your software workflows, reduces steps and even helps morale. 


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